Providing support from a local company to implement the USAID strategy  


Through the new USAID Development and Cooperation Strategy with the Republic of Northern Macedonia 2021-2025, USAID is fully committed to continue to support the country through work and partnership with local stakeholders in order to lead and finance the sustainable welfare of the country.

The primary goal of the engagement is to provide design support and stakeholder involvement that will help guide USAID's new program goals.



- Preparation of reports identifying institutions / organizations with meaning, impact and roles in each of the areas of the Strategy;
-Facilitate talks between USAID and stakeholders that will enable USAID to identify and explore potential resource partnerships;
-Advice on nature and details on how to realize potential resource partnerships with institutions / entities selected by USAID.


  • Duration: September 2021 - May 2022
  • Value of the consulting engagement: 68,192.00 USD
  • Target regions: the entire territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.
  • Client: USAID