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How society is organized and managed is fundamental to the individual success of its people as well as the society as a whole. Key to the practicing of good governance is citizen participation which should be informed and organised. Mediation of the different interests in society in order to reach a common decision which also addresses long term development is a challenge. Strategic Development Consulting provides services and mechanisms that help clients mitigate the interests of various stakeholder groups and reach the best mutually acceptable  decisions, providing support for new businesses, support for businesses and companies, measures for opening a new company, selfemployment, social business, support for microbussineses, inclusive businesses, support for start-up businesses etc. owned by youth and women in two rural multi-ethnic communities in the Republic of Macedonia - Polog and North-East region.

In order for society to be accountable to those affected by the decisions made or actions taken requires a just and transparent framework (to include human rights protection) regulations which are enforceable through an independent judiciary and impartial and incorruptible police force. Furthermore, the decisions made and actions taken should be done so in an effective and efficient manner, that is to say, making the best use of the resources available to them, with a view to ensuring sustainability as much as possible. With its work Strategic Development Consulting provides the basis for such democratic and sustainable development.



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