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STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING (www.sdc.com.mk) is 100% female owned and managed company established in 2007 anchored in Macedonia, which focuses on providing a support for start-up businesses in two multiethnic regions in Rebulic of Macedonia - Polog and North-East region.

Our team strives to create conditions for successful democratic advance of people and communities. We envision a world in which communities and societies become more prosperous, fairer and better governed and economically more sustainable.

To achieve this mission, we are creating an environment which is successful and we are developing the company in a well-known and a reliable partner, with excellent expert team and strong portfolio in Macedonia and in the Western Balkan region.

Strategic Development Consulting plans, designs, implements, and evaluates projects, and conducts research in the following areas: good governance and decentralization, local economic development and gender equality. Its staff has more than 10 years individual experience in project planning, implementation, capacity building and monitoring acquired in different international and local organizations. 

We place emphasis on working with all relevant stakeholders in order to identify the problems and propose solutions. We employ participatory approaches to development, consult and involve the client, and aim to instill a sense of ownership for the changes, leaving them reassured with the new systems and processes enough to be able to manage them sufficiently without our help and to make informed decisions confidently and effectively.

We foster, encourage and reinforce the value of anti-discrimination on ethnic, gender, race, sexuality, religion, age, disability or any other ground in our society, supporting vulnerable and marginalized groups to be included in actions towards future progress.

Strategic Development Consulting has a commitment of a large number of professionals with various areas of expertise, which provides for its credibility both at the national and regional market.

Company Structure:

Strategic Development Consulting is a for-profit, limited liability company (d.o.o.), incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Macedonia. Strategic Development Consulting is financially profitable and current with all tax and social benefits responsibilities to the Macedonian government. The company's management structure is in accordance with Macedonina law for company management. Currently, SDC relies on 7 full-time employees and a pool of experts in various fields.


The owners participate in major company decisions in accordance with national law, constituting the company assembly. Kristina Hadji-Vasileva  serves as the managing director, authorized to undertake all obligations of the company, authorized by law. The owners/assembly members are:

Kristina Hadji-Vasileva (50%) is the Managing Director of Strategic Development Consulting. She has been involved in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects, for more than 12 years. She worked with local governments and civil society organizations and managed programs and projects in the areas of governance and institutional development, gender equality, civil society strengthening, cross-border cooperation and local development. She has experience in working with different donor agencies.

During 2002-2004, she was Program Design Manager in the USAID funded Local Government Reform Project and served as National Public Administration Reform Officer for OSCE (2007).  She has a lot of experience in the Macedonian and international NGO sector, working in different NGOs and donor institutions. Since 2007, within Strategic Development Consulting she has been involved in a number of evaluations, assessments and studies such as the evaluations of the UNIFEM CEE Program on Gender Responsive Budgeting (twice) for Macedonia, Scoping study on Gender based violence in public spaces in Skopje (in partnership with NGO Reactor), as well as the evaluation of the UN Women Program on Provision of Free Legal Aid to Domestic Violence Service Victims. Also, she has been engaged as consultant for mainstreaming gender in UN development assistance Monitoring and Evaluation framework in Macedonia and was included in the evaluation of the Roma Education Program funded by USAID and implemented by Foundation Open Society Macedonia.

Nikica Kusinikova, MA (50%) has a professional experience of over 20 years. Nikica holds Joint European Master Degree in Comparative Local Development from the University of Trento/Italy, University of Regensburg and Corvinus University from Budapest. Pursuing her primary vocation as BSc in Electrical Engineering, for several years she worked in the broadcasting industry. For the last sixteen years she works as manager and consultant for international and local organizations. She has managed EU and USAID funded development programs with annual budgets of up to $1.2 million and supervised teams of up to 20 people. She worked closely with international donor community, companies (large as well as SMEs), NGOs ranging from think-tanks to grass-root NGOs, local governments and Ministries. Nikica has experience in program development, needs assessment, organizational assessment, monitoring and evaluation, grants management and projects review, budget and operations management, training. Her specific areas of expertise are: civil society development, socio-economic local development from interdisciplinary perspective, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship etc. She also has extensive experience in policy development and advocacy with particular emphasis on participative approaches that engage NGOs, social partners, business community and other stakeholders.

At the moment Nikica works as an Executive Director at Association Konekt, non-profit organization from Macedonia focused on promoting philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is one of the key experts in the country on the issues of philanthropy and CSR, and author of several publications in this field. She is a member of national and multi-sectoral professional bodies such as: Vice-President of the National Council for Development of Volunteerism, Deputy Member of the National Coordinating Body for CSR, Focal Point for the Global Compact Network Macedonia and President of the Local Advisory Group for the EU Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations. As community leader, Ms. Kusinikova is serving on Board of a number of Macedonian non-profit organizations.




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